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Sign in with Unstoppable Domains, Now on Auth0 Marketplace

Connect with 350 thousand Unstoppable users and bring Web3 universal usernames into your application

November 03, 2022

We're excited to announce the latest addition to our Web3 marketplace category: Unstoppable Domain's new Social Connection in the Auth0 Marketplace. You can now add Login with Unstoppable to your login box and let users use their Unstoppable NFT domains as an authentication method.

Unstoppable Domains

A backbone of Web3 technology is the public/private keypairs. The public key acts as a blockchain 'address' that can be used on-chain to assign tokens and other resources. Users hold their private keys to verify ownership of the address.

One of the usability challenges Web3 users face is interacting with these very long public addresses. If they make one typo when sending a cryptocurrency payment, it can lead to 'burned coins' – a mistake I made when I first started using Web3 tech.

Similar to how domain names made IP addresses human-readable in the 1980s, Unstoppable Domains is looking to make blockchain addresses more human-readable and easier to transact with through the use of Unstoppable NFT domains.

These domains let users create a universal username, like myname.crypto, to use with any application. Instead of typing their wallet address into Web3 dApps, like cryptocurrency payment apps, they can instead use their NFT domain, provided the dApp developer implements Unstoppable Domain's libraries or uses their API.

Additionally, users can build out their digital identity attached to their NFT domains, bringing the Web3 vision of user privacy and data ownership to life.

Web3 Signal Sign-On

Unstoppable is competing in the new Web3 wallet signal sign-on sector with over 150 dApp integrations and counting. They are an alternative Identity Provider (IdP) to Facebook, Twitter, or Google, etc. Instead of relying on these Web2 alternatives, users can use their wallet, facilitated by Unstoppable infrastructure, to sign in to applications.

Web3 Signal Sign-On

Unstoppable lets users enrich the profile associated with each domain with other data usually found in user profiles like social media accounts, personal data, other blockchain addresses the user owns, and more. Some of this data is accessible to anyone via the Polygon Blockchain, while other data is stored off-chain and retrieved only when the user signs in with Unstoppable.

Having profiles stored in Unstoppable available when signing in with Unstoppable Domains lowers the friction to create rich profiles in applications that use the Unstoppable ecosystem.

How It Works

The Unstoppable team has done a lot of work making this process easy for developers. At a high level, it's two easy steps:

  1. Create an Unstoppable client account. This video walks you through the process. You can also:; learn about its client configuration options here:
  2. Install and configure the social connection in the Auth0 Marketplace and Auth0 Dashboard. Configuration instructions are on the marketplace integration page.

It takes five minutes. The (simplified) login flow looks a little like this:


What's Next?

The Auth0 Lab team is actively exploring the best ways to enable developers to build applications that rely on Web3 identity constructs and help bridge the Web2 and Web3 worlds. You can follow our progress on Twitter. If you're interested in speaking with the team, join our Discord and start a thread.

The Auth0 Marketplace is looking for Web3 partners to build new extensions onto Auth0. Visit to learn more.

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