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Some Say

Some say, 20 Questions are a great way to start!

More is always better ...right?

February 22, 2019

Some say, asking numerous questions, upfront (usually at point of sale or registration), is a great way to get the information you need from the customer, in order to best serve, well, the customer. Of course it isn’t. If anything, all you will achieve is a huge cost in conversion rates.

How often do people stop and think about how much information the customer actually wants to share straight away, or even over time? Would you answer 20 questions, upfront? In the case of a new employee, that might be acceptable, and even expected. Afterall, whether a customer, business partner, or employee, relevant and accurate data is essential to safely manage the user’s digital identity, and their experience of your organization.

And coming back to the customer angle, those organizations who are data-driven, are 23x more likely to acquire customers says Advance2000, as well as improve their retention rates and ROI. However, do you really know who, and where all your customers are - when it comes to their digital identities across your applications and services?

Some Say - 20 Questions are a great way to start

Imagine what you could do with relevant, intelligent and centralized data about your customers, simply by using a little innovation in identity.

Using an extensible identity platform across your applications and services paves the way, not only to a single view of customer, but also to a personalized, differentiated experience while facilitating rapid development on new innovations.

To find out how you can modernize Identity in your department or organization, we’re offering a personalized identity assessment — get yours here..

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