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Some Say, Age Beats Beauty

Maturity and predictability is obviously the safest choice ...right?

February 18, 2019

Products, projects, profitability and people — an objective for every organization is for their people to deliver products, apps, and services that are competitive, achieve high uptake, that are delivered in a timely and efficient manner, and which bring the most profitability to the organization. Would anyone ever disagree with that?

The short answer is obviously, no.

However, objectives and outcomes can often be two, very different things. Especially since technology is a cornerstone for any aspect of business today. Looking a bit deeper, a fundamental element within business technology is identity. And being the 21st century, Identity can belong to a person, a device or a machine.

What is the point of mentioning all that?

The point is: when it comes to technology — considering the basic organizational objective above — it has to be agile enough (read: fast) to adapt to change, to help you be innovative and to help you scale.

Some Say - Age Beats Beauty

As such, initiatives like Digital Transformation, Application Modernisation, or whatever variant of those you may have come across, are long-standing hot topics in many areas. However, let’s look at a few numbers: 45% of executives say Digital Transformation will increase their ROI. The flipside though — is that only 19% of North American companies and 7% of European companies consider their technology level as advanced, found a recent Advance2000 survey.

A Big Question: how can more organizations modernize their technologies, in order to achieve the desired, higher ROI?

The short answer, in our view, is that there are many ways, each depending on an individual organization’s needs.

So let’s focus on one, universal element and try something that’s newer, faster (and better looking)?

Earlier we mentioned that technology is a cornerstone for any organization, and within that, a fundamental element — which can be a quick win when it comes to modernization — is identity. How many of your legacy applications each have their own database or process to manage the identities of people and/or devices? Consolidating and streamlining the identity piece of your applications, will strengthen not only your IT security, but also your business intelligence.

To find out how you can modernise Identity in your department or organization, we’re offering a personalised identity assessment — get yours here..

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