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Startup Stories: Catalyst

Why Catalyst Chose Auth0 to Help Scale

May 09, 2023

Customer Growth platform Catalyst helps their customers upsell and retain customers with precision. Their product includes tools that empower sales and success teams to analyze customer revenue, churn, and segmentation. Their Customer-Led Growth (CLG) methodology enables revenue growth by focusing on current customers and embracing retention and expansion.

The best way to grow as a company is to take a look at the customers that you already have strong relationships with and expand on those...

Corey Finley
Engineering Manager

In our sit-down with the team, Corey Finley, Engineering Manager, shared more about how putting customer success (CS) at the center of an organization has been important to Catalyst, rather than looking at it as just the handoff in the post-sales cycle. He continued explaining that CS should play a central role in organizations in determining where product direction should go and by giving in-depth feedback on what customers are experiencing. “There’s a missed opportunity if you’re not focusing on the customers you already have.”

Securing Future Growth Opportunities with Auth0

Before Auth0, Catalyst had only one login method; utilizing OmniAuth to internally build a Google OAuth connection. As their prospect base grew and they targeted more enterprise-level companies, they encountered some that were not on Google Workspace and could not utilize Google OAuth. Authentication became a blocker in these conversations, and the team needed to take action.

With these new requirements and the need for additional login methods, Corey was tasked with finding a solution that wasn’t resource heavy and that would provide a wide range of options. He found that Auth0 could plug into the library they were already using, acting like a single provider while servicing many providers.

“If we could get this tool that will not only fix the Azure login problem but also leave the door open for future SAML implementations, then that would be perfect.”

Corey will be providing more insight into Catalyst’s story and their implementation at Developer Days 2023, and we hope you’ll join us! Presented in-person and online on May 16, 2023, this event is free to attend. Please register here.

Why Auth0?

Join Catalyst and the Other 1700+ Startups That Benefit from Auth0

The Auth0 for Startups program brings the simplicity, extensibility, and scalability of Auth0 to qualifying startups – all free for one year. We are passionate about helping startups get their applications up and running while we take care of identity needs. So much so that we recently expanded our eligibility by increasing the funding limit to $5M, doubling our previous cap. If you have any questions, you can find us at or apply here.

A special thank you to Corey and the entire Catalyst team. If your organization wants to fine-tune your CLG strategy, schedule a demo today. P.S. Enjoy some excellent CS memes curated by the Catalyst team.

This profile is the third installment in our series highlighting members of the Auth0 for Startups program. The Auth0 for Startups program began in 2020 and has since worked with 1700+ startups.

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