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We Are Sunsetting Extend

Our plan for sunsetting the Extend service

November 15, 2018

Sunset at the beach

As product leaders, there are many difficult product decisions you have to make. Two of the hardest are whether or not to create a product, and whether or not to retire a product. Roughly two years ago we made the first decision, which resulted in us bringing Extend to market. It’s been a great two years since! Unfortunately, we had to make the second decision in the past few weeks, and we have decided to sunset Extend as a public offering.

We will continue to use and develop the Extend technology to power extensibility within the Auth0 identity platform and will be doubling down on that effort. We will be officially shutting down all Extend servers by the end of November 2019.

Why is Extend no longer being offered?

Auth0 is experiencing hyper-growth and has been for some time. As we’ve been riding that wave, we’ve realized how critical it is for us to remain focused. Recently we determined that Extend, though a promising business with happy customers, is distracting us from this imperative. A better place for us to focus our energy on is bringing the Extend experience throughout Auth0 identity to directly benefit our core customer base. Retiring Extend was not an easy decision, but one that we all believe was right for the company.

Our Sunset Plan

As companies have made big bets on Extend, we are not just pulling the plug. We care about our customers and want to make sure they are in a good place.

  • Enterprise customers — We’re working with each of our Enterprise customers to ensure they have a reasonable amount of time to transition off of our platform.

  • Starter plan — Each Starter plan customer will have 3 months to migrate off.

  • Extend Freemium — Freemium customers will have 1 month to migrate off.

As part of the change, we’ll be making some updates to our website including messaging about retiring Extend, as well as disabling various things such as our contact forms, Zero CRM demo, etc. We will keep the site, docs, and blog, alive until we have shut down all Extend instances.

For any questions, please email us at

What about

We are no longer accepting new user signups on If you are interested in learning more about extensibility of the Auth0 identity platform, please visit Auth0 Extensibility.

Thank You for Being Customers of Extend

It is unfortunate that Extend is going away. We have had an amazing journey and are so thankful to the customers who have believed in us. Without your confidence we never would have made it this far. We truly believe in the vision of Extend and were thrilled to see the value you were finding with it.

Thank you for believing in us and for taking this journey with us. Extend may be going away, but we firmly believe a similar solution will emerge in some other form. It is the future of SaaS customization and integration.

About Auth0

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