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We Are Thankful For These Benefits of Working Remote

Auziros share what remote benefits make them thankful to be part of our flourishing relationship culture.

November 20, 2018

This might sound odd — but we're not deliberately trying to build a remote culture at Auth0. To me, that term conjures images of Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast Away": His character in ragged underwear stranded on a deserted island with nobody to talk with except Wilson... his inanimate volleyball friend. I mean, who wants to encourage remoteness as a culture?

Instead, our focus is on building a great relationship culture. By building strong bonds of trust and respect, passion and transparency, we've cultivated a culture that empowers remote working. When you have those things in place, then where you physically work from is less important. This has always afforded us the luxury of really focusing on hiring the best talent for the roles we need. Literally, the entire world is our talent pool.

Certainly, there's plenty of great benefits for the remote employees — many listed by our very own staff later in this post — but there's also a huge benefit to Auth0: it exponentially increases the diversity of talent we can hire. On our team today, we have an ex-professional women's tennis player from the USA, a Certified Practicing Accountant turned developer from Canada, a one-time junior figure skating champion from Australia, and hundreds of other people with equally interesting backgrounds and experience from over 30 other countries. In fact, over 50% of our staff work outside of our main office locations.

I don't want to presume a list of all the typical remote working benefits you might often read. So instead, here's what our employees actually told us they find amazing about their experience of working remotely at Auth0.

Benefits of Remote Work As Told By Auth0 Employees

Work is a Thing You Do, Not a Place You Go

I often push the sentiment that, for modern employees and organizations, work is a thing you do and not a place you go. Over the next few years, with the advancement of technology and the adaptation of our modern lifestyles, this will continue to be a strong guiding principle in the way we craft how work happens at Auth0.

Although we're investing in Offices around the world (we have offices in London, Bellevue, Buenos Aires, and Sydney) our vision is less about traditional offices and more about hubs to build relationships — places for people to work from or to come and go, to learn and network... be they Auth0 employees, customers, or industry community friends. The offices are only additive to the great relationship culture we have that empowers us to work from anywhere.

Now, someone just needs to send that message to Tom Hanks... and Wilson.

Go check out more about how we do things at Auth0 over at our Culture page.

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