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Illustration created by Sofi Salazar.

What’s the Real ROI of Going With Auth0?

Explore the real ROI of going with Auth0 and see an infographic of how we stack against other alternatives.

July 22, 2019

Illustration created by Sofi Salazar.

_“Even my family’s dairy farm is a software company. The cows are tracked with RFID chips — which means they also need authentication. (Yes, we use Auth0.)”
— Eugenio Pace, CEO and Co-founder, Auth0_

Thanks to technology, every company is now a software company:

  • Your customers expect seamless and sophisticated experiences.

  • Your investors push for continual innovation.

  • Heightened hacking and regulation drives a large chunk of your security budget.

  • And potentially decades of legacy software stand between you and your brand vision.

You're an expert in your industry — and your identity solution is going to impact your ability to best all of those expectations.

Throughout our Real ROI with Auth0 series, you've heard from our customers on how you can improve your time to market, innovation, security, and maintenance costs with Auth0, but ROI isn't just those four categories. Real ROI is also getting recognized for your efforts to change your industry, like our customer The Economist Group, who won the 2019 European Identity & Cloud Award in the inaugural Best Identity Platform Project category.

Andrew Williams, chief digital officer at The Economist said, "It is an enormous honour to have been given this award. Identity management is a major step on our journey to ensure that our digital solutions match the excellence of our journalism, hence to have our achievements recognised in this way is a great validation that we are on the correct course."


Part of future-proofing our product is continual innovation, as our CTO and Co-founder Matias Woloski pointed out in his post on Auth0's history and vision, 87% of our customers extend our product using Auth0's Rules.

For KenSci, a machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered risk prediction platform for healthcare, that's part of why they recently chose Auth0 as their identity solution.

"Auth0 really impressed us from the start, and the further we dug into it, the more it became clear that this was a natural extension of our platform," said Ian Davies, Software Development Manager, KenSci. "Out-of-the-box, Auth0 covers about 80% of our clients' needs, but it's really the last mile integration that requires a solution that we can modify for specific client requirements. We looked at several offerings, but Auth0 is the only identity management platform that offers the level of customization and flexibility we need."

Now that we've (hopefully) convinced of the benefits of buying an identity access management (IAM) solution, we recognize that you may explore our competitor's offerings, so we've put together this infographic on how we do against our competitors and in-house builds in key areas.

Infographic showing how Auth0 stacks up against competitors and in-house build


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