Deploy CLI Tool Options

Deploy CLI Tool Options

The following options are supported by the Deploy CLI tool a0deploy.


  • a0deploy import Deploy Configuration

  • a0deploy export Export Auth0 Tenant Configuration


  • --help: Show help [boolean]

  • --version: Show version number [boolean]

  • --debug, -d: Dump extra debug information. [string] [default: false]

  • --proxy_url, -p: A url for proxying requests; only set this if you are behind a proxy. [string]


Dump Auth0 config to folder

YAML format

a0deploy export --config_file config.json --strip --format yaml --output_folder path/to/export

Directory format

a0deploy export --config_file config.json --strip --format directory --output_folder path/to/export

Deploy Auth0

Using YAML

a0deploy import --config_file config.json --input_file tenant.yaml

Using file path

a0deploy import --config_file config.json --input_file path/to/files

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