Create and Configure the Deploy CLI Application

To use the Deploy CLI Tool, your tenant must be configured appropriately.

Create the initial Deploy CLI Application

To create and configure the initial Deploy CLI Application:

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Applications > Applications, and select Create Application.

  2. Enter auth0-deploy-cli-extension as the name for your Application, select Machine to Machine Applications, and click Create.

    Auth0 Create Application

  3. When asked which API you want to call from your application, select Auth0 Management API, then select the required permissions (scopes) (see "Required API permissions" section below) to enable them for your Application, and select Authorize. These scopes will be issued as part of your Application's access token.

    Dashboard - Applications - Create Application - M2M - Select API - Mgmt API

Modify Deploy CLI Application scopes

To modify permissions (scopes) for an application that has been created previously:

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Applications > Applications, and select the auth0-deploy-cli-extension application.

    Extensions - Deploy CLI - Application list

  2. Click the APIs tab, expand the Auth0 Management API, and enable any required permissions (scopes) (see "Required API permissions" section below) that appear to have been disabled.

    Extensions - Deploy CLI - Enable permissions

If the APIs tab is not visible:

  1. For Application Type, and select Machine to Machine.

  2. Click Save Changes, then refresh the page. The APIs tab should now be visible.

Required API permissions

The following permissions (scopes) are required to be enabled on the auth0-deploy-cli-extension Application to ensure it is configured for proper access to the Management API.

- read:client_grants
- create:client_grants
- delete:client_grants
- update:client_grants
- read:clients
- update:clients
- delete:clients
- create:clients
- read:client_keys
- update:client_keys
- delete:client_keys
- create:client_keys
- read:connections
- update:connections
- delete:connections
- create:connections
- read:resource_servers
- update:resource_servers
- delete:resource_servers
- create:resource_servers
- read:rules
- update:rules
- delete:rules
- create:rules
- read:hooks
- update:hooks
- delete:hooks
- create:hooks
- read:rules_configs
- update:rules_configs
- delete:rules_configs
- read:email_provider
- update:email_provider
- delete:email_provider
- create:email_provider
- read:tenant_settings
- update:tenant_settings
- read:grants
- delete:grants
- read:guardian_factors
- update:guardian_factors
- read:mfa_policies
- update:mfa_policies
- read:email_templates
- create:email_templates
- update:email_templates
- read:roles
- update:roles
- delete:roles
- create:roles
- read:prompts
- update:prompts
- read:branding
- update:branding