Auth0 Extensions

Auth0 Extensions enable you to install applications (such as Webtasks) or run commands/scripts that extend the functionality of the Auth0 base product.

Each extension is separate from all other extensions. Auth0 defines extensions per tenant, so data is stored by the pair tenant\extension.

Using an Extension

Auth0 provides the following pre-defined extensions, and they are available for installation via the Dashboard. To use one or more of the following apps, you must provide the required configuration information and finish installing the extensions.

Auth0 Extensions

What types of actions can I do with extensions?

Manage the authorizations for Users using Groups, Roles and Permissions

Easily manage custom social connections

Go through the audit logs and call the appropriate webhook for specific API event triggers

Test various endpoints of the Auth0 Authentication API

Monitor your AD/LDAP connectors

Import or Export existing users

Export Auth0 logs to an external service

Access to real-time webtask logs

Expose the Users dashboard to a group of users without allowing them access to the dashboard

Deploy hosted pages, rules, and database connections scripts from external repositories

Create a SSO dashboard with multiple enterprise applications