Auth0 Extensions

Auth0 Extensions enable you to install applications (such as Webtasks) or run commands/scripts that extend the functionality of the Auth0 base product.

Each extension is separate from all other extensions. Auth0 defines extensions per tenant, so data is stored by the pair tenant\extension.

When creating extensions, you have two options:

Using an Auth0-Provided Extension

Auth0 provides the following pre-defined extensions, and they are available for installation via the Management Portal. They have not, however, been fully installed. To use one or more of the following apps, you must provide the required configuration information and finish installing the extensions.

Provided Apps/Jobs:

Creating Your Own Extension

If you would like to create your own extension, Auth0 provides the following sample code to help you get started:

Alternatively, you may follow the Development Instructions provided via the "New Extension" window that appears when you click on the "+ Extension" button. This allows you to create your own extension using the command line.

For instructions on how to install your custom extension, please see Installing a Custom Extension.