Single Sign-On Dashboard Extension

The Single Sign-on (SSO) Dashboard is a web application designed to solve a problem familiar to many people. Organizations of all sizes maintain a variety of different applications to handle various business functions like accounting, HR, development, support, etc. Remembering usernames and passwords and login URLs for all of your applications can be cumbersome. With this extension, you can simplify the authentication experience by enabling SSO login for your users on multiple enterprise applications. It allows you to create a list of all the cloud services for which a user can authenticate with SSO logins.

The SSO Dashboard supports two types of users:

  • Users who can log in to the dashboard to select an application to sign into with SSO.

  • Admins who can configure applications visible to the users.

To configure this extension, do the following:

  1. Create an SSO Dashboard Application

  2. Install the SSO Dashboard extension

  3. Add Applications to the SSO Dashboard

  4. Update Applications on the SSO Dashboard

You can also view this SSO Dashboard Extension on GitHub.

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