Add Applications to Single Sign-On Dashboard

Use the Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard Extension to manage SSO login for your users on multiple enterprise applications.


Add applications

  1. Go to Auth0 Dashboard > Extensions, and select your new SSO Dashboard extension. If you are an administrator, you can also log in to the SSO Dashboard using https://{yourTenant}.<REGION>

  2. In the upper right corner, select Settings from the dropdown below your tenant name.

  3. Click Create App to add a new application.

    Dashboard - Extensions - SSO Dashboard - Administrator - Create App Settings

    The New Application form appears.

    Dashboard - Extensions - SSO Dashboard - New App
  4. Complete the following fields for the new application:

    Field Description
    Type A dropdown where you select SAML, OpenID-Connect, or WS-Federation depending on the type of application.
    Application A dropdown where you select the application that you wish to add.
    Name The name is automatically populated based on the application you selected. You can change the name or use the default.
    Logo The url of the logo you wish to user as an icon for the application.
    Callback One of the Allowed Callback URLs under your Application Settings for the application.
    Connection (Optional) The connection type. You can add or edit your available connection types in the Connections section of the Auth0 Management dashboard. If a connection is not set and the user is not logged, the user will see the Auth0 Login page.
    Custom URL (Optional) Checkbox to use a custom URL rather than the Auth0 URL. If you check the box, a field appears where you can enter your custom URL.
    Enabled Checkbox for this application to be visible (published) to your users.

  5. Select Create. Your new application will then appear on the Applications page of the SSO dashboard with any other applications that have been created.

    Dashboard - Extensions - SSO Dashboard Applications
  6. Click on an application to test the connection.

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