Deploy CLI Tool

Deploy CLI Tool

Auth0 supports continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) of Auth0 tenants through our source control extensions and integration into existing CI/CD pipelines using the Deploy CLI tool.

The Deploy CLI tool (auth0-deploy-cli) supports two methods to import and export the following Auth0 tenant configuration objects:

  • Tenant settings
  • Rules (including secrets/settings)
  • Connections
  • Custom databases
  • Clients/applications
  • Resource servers (APIs)
  • Pages
  • Email templates and providers
  • Guardian settings

You can export the data to a predefined directory structure or a YAML configuration file. You can call the tool programmatically. You can also use the tool to replace environment variables.

This tool can be destructive to your Auth0 tenant. Please ensure you have read the documentation and tested the tool on a development tenant before using it in production.

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