Environment Variables and Keyword Mappings

The mappings allow you to do the following:

  • Use the same configuration file for all of your environments (e.g. dev, uat, staging, and prod).

  • Replace certain values in your configuration repo with environment specic values. There are two ways to use the keyword mappings: You can either wrap the key in @@key@@ or ##key##.

    • If you use the @ symbols, it will do a JSON.stringify on your value before replacing it. So if it is a string, it will add quotes. and if it is an array or object, it will add braces.

    • If you use the # symbol instead, it will just do a literal replacement; it will not add quotes or brackets.

By default the tool also merges your current environment variables and overrides the AUTH0_KEYWORD_REPLACE_MAPPINGS which have the same top key. You can disable this via the command line with the --no-env option.

For example, you could specify a different JWT timeout in your dev environment, and then use prod for testing and a different environment URL.

See the examples below.

Configure Auth0 APIs


Create an API

Dev Config.json

Define Permissions

Prod Config.json

Setup the Django Application

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