Auth0 Command-Line Interface

The Auth0 Command-Line Interface (CLI) allows you to create, edit, enable/disable, and delete Hooks associated with specific extensibility points within the Auth0 platform. You can also use the CLI to identify Hooks and gather real-time logging information.

Install and Set Up the Auth0 Command-Line Interface

You can find instructions for installing and configuring the Webtask Command-Line Interface (CLI) in the Auth0 Management Dashboard's Webtask page. The wt-cli package also includes the auth0 binary, allowing you to use the Auth0 CLI.

Install Webtasks Instructions

Work with Hooks Using the Command-Line Interface

Once you have installed and set up the Auth0 Command-Line Interface (CLI), you can use it to create new Hooks and manage/delete existing Hooks. You can also use it to gather real-time log data on your Hooks.

The Auth0 CLI examples use auth0-profile as the name of the profile. This is the same profile name used when installing wt-cli, and you can obtain it from Step 2 of the instructions set located on Auth0 Management Dashboard's Webtask page.