Auth0 IP Addresses for Allow Lists

Auth0 IP Addresses for Allow Lists

If custom code executing in Auth0 (such as in a rule, hook, or in custom database scripts) must call a service inside your network, or if you configure an on-premise SMTP provider in Auth0, then you may need to configure your firewall to allow inbound traffic from Auth0.

The IP addresses to allow through the firewall are specific to each region. Allow inbound connections from the region-specific set of IP addresses provided when you create an Action, Log Stream, custom database connection, hook, rule, or custom email provider in the Auth0 Dashboard.

Outbound calls

When Auth0 makes outbound calls, the IP addresses are static. Auth0 translates internal IP addresses to one of the displayed options when reaching out using NAT.

United States,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




United Kingdom,,

Inbound calls

IP addresses related to inbound calls to Auth0 may be variable due to the lack of fixed IP addresses on the load balancers. In this case, firewall rules should operate on the name of the service (e.g. <YOUR_TENANT>

If your Auth0 subscription allows you to configure a self-managed custom domain, you can implement the domain used to reach the service (the custom domain) to have a static IP address. With a self-managed custom domain, you have control over the network entry point and can ensure the static IP address for the custom domain on your side. For information on subscription plans, see Auth0 Pricing.

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