Create a New Hook Using the Dashboard

Create a New Hook Using the DashboardBeta

The Auth0 Management Dashboard provides a visual interface for working with Hooks. With the Dashboard, you can create new Hooks.

Management Dashboard Hooks Page

Hooks utilize the Webtask Editor. For additional information on how to work with the Webtask Editor, you can review its docs here.

Create a new Hook

  1. Navigate to the Hooks page of the Dashboard. Create new Hooks in one of two ways:

    • Clicking on the + Create New Hook button at the top right of the Hooks page.
    • Finding the extensibility hook you want to work with and then clicking the Create New Hook link below.
  2. On the New Hook pop-up window, provide the requested information:

Create Hook Dialog

  • Name: The name for the new Hook
  • Hook: The extensibility point associated with the Hook

Click Create to create the Hook.

At this point, you will see the newly-created Hook listed under its associated extensibility point.

New Hooks

For any given extensibility point, you may create multiple Hooks. However, you may only have one Hook enabled per extensibility point at any given time.

Auth0 automatically enables the first Hook you create for an extensibility point, and any subsequent Hooks for that point are created in a disabled state. As such, you must explicitly activate subsequent Hooks.

List of Hooks