Enable/Disable Hooks Using the Command-Line InterfaceBeta

The Auth0 Command-Line Interface (CLI) allows you to enable or disable existing Hooks associated with specific extensibility points within the Auth0 platform.

Only tenants created prior to 17 July 2018 have access to and the Webtask CLI. If you are an enterprise customer with a newer tenant, please contact your account representative to request access. Other requests can be made through the Auth0 Contact Form and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Prerequisite: Set up the Webtask CLI

Before proceeding, you'll need to set up the Webtask CLI. You can find instructions for installing and configuring the Webtask CLI in the Dashboard > Webtask page.

The wt-cli package also includes the auth0 binary, allowing you to use the Auth0 CLI.

Install Webtasks Instructions

Please note that all of the examples on this page use auth0-profile as the name of the profile. This is the same profile name used when installing wt-cli and can be obtained from Step 2 of the instructions set located on Auth0 Management Dashboard's Webtask page.

Enable Hooks

The following command enables the Hook:

auth0 enable my-extension-1 -p auth0-default

By enabling a given Hook, the Auth0 CLI disables all other Hooks associated with the same extensibility point.

Hooks Status

For each extensibility point, you may have either no associated Hooks enabled or one associated Hook enabled.

By default, the Auth0 CLI creates new Hooks in a disabled state.

Disable Hooks

The following command disables the Hook:

auth0 disable my-extension-1 -p auth0-default