How to configure a WS-Fed application

If a WS-Fed application (Service Provider) is to use Auth0 as an Identity Provider, this is configured in one of two places.

Some commonly used WS-Fed applications are pre-configured in Auth0 and available via Single Sign On Integrations.

If a WS-Fed application is not listed in Single Sign On Integrations, the generic WS-Fed application configuration can be accessed via:

  1. In the Auth0 Dashboard, click on Applications, + CREATE APP, enter a name and press Save.
  2. Then click on the Addons tab -> WS-Fed Web App.
  3. Enter the Application Callback URL - this is the URL in the WS-Fed application to which the WS-Fed response will be posted. It may also called the ACS or Assertion Consumer Service URL in some applications.
  4. Enter the Realm - this is an identifier sent by the WS-Fed application and is used to identify the application in the response.
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