Enable Organization Connections

Each organization can have specific connections enabled, which represent the login options you can offer your users for that organization. Enabled connections are displayed on the organization's login prompt, so users can access your application(s) through them.

To enable a connection for an organization, you must have already created the connection in your tenant. Available connections include database connections, social connections, and enterprise connections.

When using organizations, some connections have additional properties that you can configure:

  • Membership On Authentication: This property is available for all connection types. When enabled for a connection, this property automatically assigns organization membership to end-users the first time they authenticate with the connection. Membership on Authentication is useful in scenarios where all users with the ability to authenticate with a specific connection can be assumed to be members of an organization.

  • Display connection as a button: This property is available for Enterprise connections only. This optional property determines whether or not a specific connection displays on the organization login prompt.

    • Note: If this option is disabled for a connection, end-users can still authenticate via the connection and log in to applications in the context of the organization by sending the connection parameter directly in the authorization request. They can also authenticate with this connection if you are using the Identifier First with Home Realm Discovery authentication profile in combination with the Prompt for Credentials organization login flow.

Configure Organization Connections

You can configure connections for organizations using either the Auth0 Dashboard or the Management API.

Auth0 Dashboard

To enable a connection via the Auth0 Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Organizations, and select the organization for which you want to configure connections.

  2. Select the Connections view, then select Enable Connections.

  3. Choose the connection you want to enable, and select Enable Connection.

  4. In the Authentication section, locate Membership On Authentication and choose whether to enable or disable auto-membership. When enabled, auto-membership automatically adds all users logging in with the connection as members of the organization.

  5. For Enterprise connections only: In the Connection button section, optionally enable the Display connection as a button property to display the connection as an option on the organization login prompt.

  6. Select Save.