User Profile Root Attributes

User Profile Root Attributes

Auth0's normalized user profile contains a number of root attributes (attributes stored at the first, or root, level of the object), some of which may be updated. To learn more about the user profile structure and its attributes, read User Profile Structure.

Methods for updating root attributes vary depending on connection type.

Auth0 as the identity provider

When Auth0 is the Identity Provider (IdP), subscribers may:

  • Set root attributes on user sign-up (via the Management API or via public signup) or on import

  • Update root attributes individually via the Management API

Auth0 is the IdP for the following connection types:

Upstream identity providers

When an upstream IdP (like Google or Facebook) is used, subscribers have two options:

  • The upstream IdP sets the root attributes when users are first created and then automatically updates them with each subsequent login. This is the default behavior.

  • The upstream IdP sets the root attributes on user creation only and does not update them on subsequent logins, thereby allowing subscribers to update root attributes individually via the Management API. To enable this, you will need to configure your connection sync with Auth0.

Upstream Identity Providers handle the following connection types:

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