Change Users' Passwords

List of SAML-P Identity Providers

This is a list of Identity Provider services known to support the LockSAML protocol. There may be additional services beyond what is shown below.

Trigger an interactive password reset flow


The following providers have participated in a Kantara inter-operability test and are therefore likely to conform well to the SAML spec.

  • adAS
  • ADFS
  • Dot Net Workflow
  • Elastic SSO Team & Enterprise
  • Entrust GetAccess & IdentityGuard (check protocol supported)
  • EIC (check protocol supported)
  • Ilex Sign&go
  • iWelcome
  • NetIQ Access Manager
  • OpenAM
  • RCDevs Open SAMPL IdP
  • Optimal IdM VIS Federation Services
  • Oracle Access Manager (Oracle Identity Federation merged into this)
  • PingFederate (IDP Light)
  • RSA Federated Identity (IDP Light)
  • SecureAuth
  • Symplified
  • Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
  • TrustBuilder
  • Ubisecure SSO
  • WSO2 Identity Server