List of SAML-P Identity Providers

List of SAML-P Identity Providers

This is a list of Identity Provider services known to support the SAML protocol. There may be additional services beyond what is shown below.


The following providers have participated in a Kantara inter-operability test and are therefore likely to conform well to the SAML spec.

  • adAS
  • ADFS
  • Dot Net Workflow
  • Elastic SSO Team & Enterprise
  • Entrust GetAccess & IdentityGuard (check protocol supported)
  • EIC (check protocol supported)
  • Ilex Sign&go
  • iWelcome
  • NetIQ Access Manager
  • OpenAM
  • RCDevs Open SAMPL IdP
  • Optimal IdM VIS Federation Services
  • Oracle Access Manager (Oracle Identity Federation merged into this)
  • PingFederate (IDP Light)
  • RSA Federated Identity (IDP Light)
  • SecureAuth
  • Symplified
  • Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
  • TrustBuilder
  • Ubisecure SSO
  • WSO2 Identity Server