Error Pages

Error Pages

Generic Error Page

Throughout the authentication process, your users may encounter errors. Auth0 provides you the option of using custom error pages, but you may also choose to use the generic error page that Auth0 provides.

Hosted Error Page

To find the default page name for the Generic Error Page, see How to Use Version Control to Manage Your Hosted Pages.

By going into the Tenant Settings page of the Management Dashboard, you may customize your Auth0 error page with the following fields:

  • Friendly Name: the name of your company;
  • Logo URL: the URL to your company logo;
  • Support Email: the email address of your company's support team;
  • Support URL: the URL to your company's support page.

In addition to these fields, the error page returns the follow information to assist you in troubleshooting the error:

  • Client ID: the identifier for the client;
  • Connection: the Connection used at the time of error;
  • Language: the language set to be used at the time of error;
  • Error: the code corresponding to the error that occurred;
  • Error Description: a description of the error that occurred;
  • Show Log URL: the link to the error logs, if available;
  • Title: the friendly name of the tenant;
  • Tenant: the tenant information (the friendly name, logo URL, support email, and support URL fields that you may customize).

Auth0 will display the Tenant information exactly as entered on the Settings page.

Custom Error Pages

In the event of an authorization error, you may choose to display to your users either the default Auth0 error page or a customized error page.

The custom error pages page details how you can configure your own custom error page for use with Auth0.