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Some Say: Good IAM is too ambitious, OK IAM is fine

About this webinar

If someone told you that you can always get an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to fit your business needs, straight out the box, would you believe them? And the people who tell you ‘it’s easy to build IAM into any mix of applications and services’, would you believe them too?

No matter how you approach IAM, there is often a need to customize. However, customization is a dirty word in the history of the identity industry. It blocks projects or creates unworkable applications. As a result, organizations often settle for ‘ok’ instead of ‘good’ when it comes to IAM.

At Auth0, we say, you never have to compromise.

In this webinar, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Auth0, Story Tweedie-Yates, addresses the perception of customization in Identity. Discover how you can change what was once thought impossible around integrations, migrations, deployment, and complexity.

  • Learn the Truth about ROI from buying an identity solution for complex scenarios
  • Learn the Difference between the customizations that improve your ROI vs the customizations that damage your ROI
  • Learn to Achieve your objectives using customization in identity, even in the face of complexity

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