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Closing 2013 - Update on Auth0

For the last few months, we've been working on many new features and improvements to the platform.

December 28, 2013

For the last few months, we've been working on many new features and improvements to the platform. We have reached 1700+ subscribers to our service, and there are now many companies using the private cloud appliance daily. Thanks for your support, feedback and business!

As this first year closes for us, we wanted to share some of the highlights of Auth0, and the functionality we've added in these past months:

    1. Know who is using your apps
    1. Richer user profiles
    1. Avoid building yet another user/password store
    1. Increase your conversion rates
    1. Decrease development costs with our SDKs
    1. SAML-enable your applications
    1. Lighter, better UX and open sourced Login Widget
    1. Waste no time remembering passwords
    1. Deploy Auth0 Anywhere
    1. A Robust online infrastructure

1. Know who is using your apps

You have a more powerful visualization of when, how and how often your users access your apps:

user analytics

2. Richer user profiles

Many of you wanted to associate additional information to your users' profile in addition to the attributes you get from the authentication source. You can do this through the dashboard or through an API.

user metadata

3. Avoid building yet another user/password store

Auth0 lets you outsource the authentication by relying on the built-in user/password store. We take care of password hashing, validations, email verification, forgot password flow, single sign on, etc. And if you want to use your own implementation, then it is as easy as turning a switch.

outsource users and password

We provide templates to connect with SQL Server Membership, SQL Azure, Mongo, MySQL, Postgress, among many other options.

4. Increase your conversion rates

You now have access to 2,000,000,000 potential users out of the box with the addition of new social and enterprise identity providers

login widget

Is your favorite IdP not on our list? Let us know!

5. Decrease development costs with our SDKs

Every time you start developing on a new platform, you have to solve user and API authentication and access control. Not to mention, the complexity of connecting with legacy identity systems. We’ve been adding support for the most popular development platforms. What used to take days or weeks, will now take just minutes.

Want to a see another platform supported? Let us know!

6. SAML-enable your applications

Are you connecting with organizations already using some SAML identity system for SSO? Auth0 removes the complexity of SAML configuration. We can connect easily with all of the most widely used systems.

7. Lighter, improved UX and open sourced Login Widget

We've spent quite some time analyzing and improving its user experience. It is now much smaller and lighter weight. It loads faster, it's much more flexible and customizable, and it provides a simpler to use API.

login widget

Among its many new features: better support for i18n, and keeping track of your login choices. For example: you go to a website, login for the first time and choose Google. You go back to that site a month later and you completely forgot what you used last time to login. We keep track of that and expose it through an API or as a widget option.

In addition to that, you can now associate multiple accounts into one.

8. Waste no time remembering passwords

Your team is using New Relic, Zendesk, CloudBees, Amnazon Web Services, Salesforce, Echosign, Office365, Google Apps and other great apps. However, each of them might require another user and password to remember.

Auth0 easily integrates with +1000 of apps that are SAML, WS-Fed or OAuth capable. You will enter your password once in your identity provider of choice (e.g. GitHub, Google Apps, Windows Azure AD or regular AD) and will be logged in to all these apps seamlessly.

new applications

Need help configuring SAML for an app not listed here? open a support ticket!

9. Deploy Auth0 Anywhere

Need a private deployment of Auth0? Do you have special privacy requirements? Looking at replacing your current ADFS deployment as you expand your use cases?

We ship the same awesome user experience we have with the Auth0 service with the Auth0 Appliance. We can run on-premises, or in any of the popular hosting environments: Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Joyent and others.



10. A Robust online infrastructure

We know identity is a critical component of most app. If you can't login, nothing works. Since launching, we invested in higher availability and disaster recovery features. Auth0 is tolerant to failures by running on multiple cloud providers, on different geo-locations. We run on Windows Azure (US West Coast) and Amazon Web Services (East Coast) simultaneously. Within each environment we run multiple instances of the service, minimizing the chances of complete downtime.

Thanks again for joining us in this first part of our journey. We would love to continue to hear from you. Both about things that you would like us providing, but also about the things you currently love about Auth0. And we wish you all a fantastic 2014!

Auth0, The Incredibly Easy, Programmable Identity Platform

PS.: and yes, we love animated GIFs :)

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