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Auth0 Actions: Looking Back, What’s Ahead?

Auth0’s Actions gives developers customizable, extensible capabilities, as well as low and no-code options.

Last Updated On: April 22, 2022

TL; DR: Few developers have expertise in all areas of both technology and business needs. There’s just not enough time, so many look for solutions that let them focus on their core competencies. The Auth0 platform, for example, solves most identification management needs, which frees the developer from learning how to code a CIAM solution from scratch.

But every developer, and their solution, has their own unique set of scenarios they need to solve. They want to have a rapid implementation of an authentication solution yet also provide the capability to build custom code to solve common identity extensibility use cases – like payments, subscription management, or signing terms of services.

Auth0’s Actions toolset - which launched last year - gives developers customizable, extensible capabilities, as well as the option of low and no-code Actions Integrations through the Auth0 Marketplace.

What’s New

Auth0 Actions

Marketplace for Private Cloud

Auth0 is excited to announce that the Auth0 Marketplace is now available to our Private Cloud customers. What that means is all Auth0 customers that utilize our Private Cloud product have to access SSO, Social Connections, and Log Streaming Integrations and will soon also be able to access Actions Integrations.

What is Private Cloud?

Auth0 Private Cloud provides the flexibility and agility offered by cloud deployments but allows a customer to maintain the control and security they need to protect their customers and their businesses. Many customers that have high security and regulatory concerns - those in the financial services industry, for example - may require certain standards of uptimes, updates, failovers, and support for their deployments. The Auth0 Private Cloud deployment models come in both Standard and Managed levels, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Now that Private Cloud customers have access to the Auth0 Marketplace, Ecosystem Partners have a new and expanded pool of potential customers to reach through building and publishing Actions Integrations into the Marketplace. There’s never been a better time to become an Ecosystem Partner and market your Action Integration through the Auth0 Marketplace.

Wait... There’s More

Auth0 is always delivering more tools, features, and options for developers to give them the support and capabilities they need to customize their customer’s experience through pro-code flexibility. We’re very excited about the latest iteration of our extensibility toolset - Actions - which will soon be our unifying extensibility toolset, taking over from Rules and Hooks. Actions enable developers to write custom code hosted by Auth0 that extends the behavior of their authentication flows to fit virtually any use case.

Some key features include:

  • Version Control which enables you to draft, review, and test custom code and flow configurations within a single user interface.
  • Flow editor and Monaco Editor with Syntax Highlighting, giving you the capability to visually drag and drop Actions to build custom identity flows as well as write JavaScript functions with validation, IntelliSense code completion, and type definitions.
  • Serverless extensibility so your code is hosted and maintained by Auth0.
  • Developers can also look through our catalog of no-code Actions Integrations in the Auth0 Marketplace to help save coding time and expense.

Auth0 Actions

Why It Matters

Soon, Auth0 will deprecate Rules and Hooks, with Actions being the sole unifying extensibility toolset. The date has not been set, but you can plan ahead and start your migration now. Migrating to Actions is an easy step-by-step process that you can follow along in this new guide in Docs as well as guidance from our developer community.

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