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Effective Operations with Auth0 and Datadog

Identify incidents earlier and continuously monitor performance with Auth0 and Datadog.

May 12, 2020

In today’s cloud-centric world, it is critical for engineering, infrastructure, and security teams to be able to consistently monitor their environments and respond to incidents. For this reason, Datadog, a monitoring platform for cloud applications, has become a critical tool for many companies. It brings together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make the stack entirely observable.

Auth0 now joins the hundreds of Datadog partners to deliver mission-critical identity information to our joint customers. This integration allows customers to incorporate Auth0 logs into their existing monitoring and alerting dashboards – all without additional engineering work.

The integration with Datadog is enabled by Auth0 Log Streaming. This capability works by sending batches of log events as they are generated in Auth0, giving customers up-to-date information about their Auth0 tenant. Log streaming is capable of delivering 10X more logs and guarantees delivery with error handling. Today we are also releasing a generic webhook allowing you to deliver near real-time logs to most third-party tools.

The integration with Datadog provides a number of important benefits, including:

Visualize auth0 Data Without Extra Development Time

One of the key benefits of using Datadog is the ability to collect and visualize data in order to identify trends. Engineering teams use it to visualize error rates and traffic data. Security teams use it to visualize authorization traffic and set up alerts for high-risk actions. And infrastructure teams use Datadog to visualize performance metrics and traffic data to ensure stability.

Identity data provides crucial insight to all of these use cases, allowing teams to better identify problems and make informed decisions.

Make Informed Decisions About System Architecture and Development

By tracking identity trends over time, teams can make informed decisions about product development or system architecture. For example, using authentication data to determine which devices to prioritize development. Likewise, by tracking peak login times and what geographies users are accessing the app from, system architecture teams can determine when and where to scale up resources.

Quickly Respond to Performance and Security Incidents

In addition to monitoring historical data to spot trends, it is just as important to use identity information to quickly identify security and performance incidents. For instance, massive spikes in unsuccessful login attempts could indicate an ongoing credential stuffing attack, one of the most common threats targeting identity systems.

By configuring thresholds, security teams can set up alerts to notify them when suspicious events take place, allowing them to more quickly respond to security incidents.

This Integration Is Enabled by Log Streaming

The Datadog integration is possible thanks to the Auth0 Log Streaming. It works by continuously delivering log events as they are generated in Auth0, providing customers near real-time information. Log Streaming effectively allows logs to be treated as new points of extensibility, allowing you to kick off automated processes in third party tools based on Auth0 events.

Learn More

Using Datadog with Auth0 unlocks a variety of use cases. Learn how to set up the integration here, or sign up for a free Auth0 trial.

About Auth0

Auth0 by Okta takes a modern approach to customer identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need. Safeguarding billions of login transactions each month, Auth0 delivers convenience, privacy, and security so customers can focus on innovation. For more information, visit

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