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Jumpstart Identity Innovation with GDPR

GDPR compliance is an opportunity to improve how you do Identity—whether it's improving customer experience, time to market or increasing revenue.

January 17, 2018

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Like the business trip that hits at an inopportune moment, GDPR compliance can feel like a large inconvenience, even though it is business-critical. We believe that every security or compliance requirement has a silver lining. With GDPR, you have an opportunity to improve how you do Identity—whether it's in the context of improving customer experience, time to market, or increasing revenue.

"We believe that every security or compliance requirement has a silver lining."


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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Many of our customers make the most of their investment in compliance by using Auth0 to upgrade their customers' experiences and achieve their business goals at the same time. Here are a few examples of how they've done it—and how you can too.

Increase customer conversions and upgrade user experience

Your largest customer is often both the most demanding and rewarding. If you can redirect them to a customized page after logging into your application, you will be able to treat this customer differently from the rest—as you should.

Thank them. Make it easy for them to add to their subscription. Engage them with questions. Auth0 makes it easy to take an innovative approach to this page to increase customer conversions.

An unfriendly implementation of GDPR compliance could tarnish that interaction. Instead, demonstrate your respect for their time by automatically recording the date when explicit consent or agreement to new privacy terms was granted without any disruption to service. Using Auth0 to automatically record the data without adding anything to the login form means your biggest fan won't notice the difference.

Auth0 Rules and the Management API let you accomplish the url redirection based on identity while recording when explicit consent was provided, as well as new privacy terms and conditions agreed to at login.

Turn leads into revenue faster

Every time a new user creates an account within your application, you can create an opportunity for your sales and marketing team. Ideally, they'll be able to convert that user from a contact into a lead and, eventually, into a customer. But success here is a numbers game. The percent of new accounts that turn into qualified leads is typically small, so automating this process can be key.

Automatically creating leads from new accounts in your CRM or marketing tools like Marketo or Eloqua frees your team to begin the customer nurturing process faster, shortening the time to potential reward.

Making lead creation contingent upon the user's explicit permission to create the account and receive marketing information at login allows you to easily automate one aspect of GDPR compliance.

Again, rules are the Auth0 innovation tool that allows our customers to automatically create a Salesforce lead or Marketo contact when a new person signs up with an account. Auth0 allows you to provide an explicit consent option within the login screen, while custom logic within Rules could be created to make sure that lead doesn't get generated in an external system without gaining (and tracking) explicit consent.

Optimize your users' experience

Everybody wants a great user experience for their apps' login to save on costs and increase customer conversions. But this especially applies to those organizations with a very complex group of application users faced with the challenge of providing an ideal user login experience across a large number of applications. In this case, 'out of the box' identity isn't enough. Customization is critical.

One of our logistics and transport industry customers had users who might be a driver for one company, a dispatcher for another company and a manager at yet another company. Same user signing into different applications, with completely different roles. We were able to seamlessly tie the customer's complex permissions scheme to the login process to convert users based on context and give them access to the appropriate applications right from the login screen, giving our logistics and transport industry customer the precise control they needed.

GDPR specifies confidentiality of customers' personal data—so if any of these applications contain personal data, it is also critical from a compliance perspective to be able to granularly control who is accessing what application and with which permissions.

With Auth0 Rules, our customer was able to easily verify user logins and specify further permissions within the app based on information from the customer—innovating their users' experience while achieving gains in GDPR compliance.

Compliance can help grow your bottom line through innovation

When you invest in meeting your GDPR requirements you can also innovate identity for your applications. With Auth0, compliance and innovation are not mutually exclusive.

"With Auth0, compliance and innovation are not mutually exclusive."


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See how much innovating your identity with Auth0 can grow your bottom line with the Forrester Total Economic Impact assessment.

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