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Marketplace Partner Spotlight: What’s New from the Last Quarter of 2021

Check out the integrations our ecosystem partners are building

Last Updated On: April 14, 2022

Extensibility is one of our core capabilities at Auth0, which is why we built the Auth0 Marketplace, making it easier than before to discover the integrations you need to solve identity. The Auth0 Marketplace allows us to easily connect customers with our integration partners and allow you to customize a unique identity solution. Our partners are tapping into the nearly endless possibilities for customized integrations, and we’re excited to see this list continue to grow.

So to celebrate all the awesome integrations and to inspire you as well, we’re going to start sharing the newest integrations we’ve launched recently:

Berbix Verify

Berbix Verify

Berbix Verify - Instant, automated, and flexible ID verification and biometrics
The new Berbix integration combines authentication and identity verification for a better, more secure customer experience. Berbix provides instant, automated, and flexible ID verification with optional biometric comparisons for a seamless onboarding and re-verification experience. Within a few clicks, you can require identity verification for all users or use a highly flexible integration to target high-risk users or users in specific scenarios.



TrueBlue - Australian identity verification
The TrueBlue Actions integration with Auth0 provides Australian-based businesses with the ability to enable secure document identity checks backed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. With the TrueBlue integration, as users sign up, they receive an identity verification request to submit their details through a custom URL. The documents are then validated by the Department of Home Affairs, without the need to store personal identity documents long term. Using the same Auth0 integration, TrueBlue is currently extending the document types and regions supported. Verified™ Verified™ - Biometric MFA
The new Actions integration replaces OTP & KBA with facial biometric authentication to prevent account takeover and fraud. Verified by strengthens multi-factor authentication by adding advanced facial biometric authentication to verify the user, not just the device.’s drag-and-drop solution integrates seamlessly with Auth0 to protect user identity with encryption, increase user certainty to stop account takeover and fraud, and reduce customer effort with low-friction authentication.

Signicat Express Auth

Signicat Express Auth

Signicat Express Auth - Identity services for the European market
Signicat’s Express Auth Actions integration provides services for secure authentication using trusted third-party integrations. Following European eIDAS regulations and AML directives, Signicat provides a subset of services integrated in the Auth0 platform enabling customers to access a European market through 30+ electronic identity schemes. The Signicat Express authentication plugin quickly integrates these services into your Auth0 tenant to enable secure authentication for your end users. Cloud SIEM - Cloud native SIEM Cloud SIEM enables you to centrally monitor workflow logs to quickly identify, investigate, and remediate potential and emerging threats. Using Kibana open source visualizations, combined with AI and Machine Learning-based security analytics, the integration allows you to easily inspect and investigate relevant event data. Gain contextual visibility into attacks and drill down into granular user data to alert and respond to threats in real time.



CircleCI - Credential-free cryptographic zero trust authentication
Circle complements Auth0 in two powerful ways to enhance its value to customers and end users. First, it enables secure continuous credential-free authentication across browsers, applications, and devices. Second, it provides a breakthrough method of delegated Human-in-the-Loop Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that uniquely addresses the highest requirements for both privacy and security in identity verification. Unique cryptographic authentication helps eliminate credentials-based attacks while delivering a frictionless customer experience.

Be on the lookout each month as we announce the latest integrations coming out of our extensive partner ecosystem. In the meantime, check out our current list of partners and integrations at

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