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Pluralsight Course on using Auth0 with AngularJS and ASP.NET WebAPI

This is a guest post by Ajden Towfeek. Ajden is a full-stack developer with focus on Microsoft technologies with 10+ years of experience in commercial software development.

October 29, 2015

This is a guest post by Ajden Towfeek. Ajden has worked on everything from embedded devices to large scale enterprise systems during his 10+ years in commercial software development. Since 2007, Ajden has focused on Microsoft technologies and more lately on web technologies. Ajden is also a speaker at conferences and has a passion for teaching. He is a frequent blogger on, and you can follow him on twitter @ajtowf. For screencasts on the latest web technology, make sure to check out his youtube channel.

Pluralsight Course

I've created a pluralsight course on how to implement Auth0 in an AngularJS application going against an ASP.NET WebAPI backend. Using Auth0 is a pluralsight first and so far it's performing well with good rating. Make sure to check it out if you have a pluralsight subscription, otherwise I'm hoping the promotional video below can make you get one.

Table of contents

The course is split into the following three modules:

  • An Introduction: Course introduction with brief overview of Auth0, where we also register for a free developer account.
  • Building the Back-end API: In this module we create the back-end and secure it with Auth0, we also test our API by making secure calls with postman.
  • Building the Front-end SPA: In this module we create the front-end using AngularJS to communicate securely with our back-end. We use Auth0Lock to get a professional looking login dialog that displays well on any resolution and device.

Why do a course on Auth0?

First of all, I'm new to using Auth0 as a service, I stumbled upon it when trying to find a quick to implement solution for a client I was working with a couple of months ago. I was amazed by how fast we were up and running and could move on to writing the business logic. Unfortunately, that particular client didn't end up using Auth0 in production for various reasons but I'm currently discussing the possibility of using Auth0 for user management with a new client.

Aside from consulting I also teach and speak at conferences and to strengthen my brand I decided to try out for becoming a pluralsight author. The audition went well, but angular 2 was off the table since it's still in alpha. When browsing the pluralsight library I noticed there was nothing on Auth0 there, so why not be the first one to contribute with an Auth0 course?

I've also added an Auth0 session to my ASP.NET classroom training after going through ASP.NET Identity to show how identity can be implemented even simpler, and the student reactions to how simple it is to use has been really positive.

Working with the Pluralsight team

From the initial contact with the audition to working close with my editor on the course, pluralsight was super professional. I really enjoyed the experience, and I definitely encourage other developers to go through the experience of creating a course. Even if I have some experience from creating screencasts on youtube this was something entirely different.


After 30 hours of recording and editing the course was finished and it's now live, make sure to check it out. Auth0 is an awesome service and I'll definitely recommend it to future clients and keep teaching it in my class room training.

"Auth0 is an awesome service and I'll definitely recommend it to future clients."


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