SINGAPORE – 28 May 2020 – Auth0, the identity platform for application builders, today announced that it has partnered with a digital signage software company, ScreenCloud, to provide authentication for its growing enterprise offering. ScreenCloud will use Auth0 for enterprise federation, Single Sign On (SSO), and Social Logins to help its enterprise customers securely create and control content from anywhere.

ScreenCloud helps leading brands transform how they communicate with employees and customers using simple, smart, and secure digital signage software. Its digital signage solution is trusted by more than 9,000 customers around the world, including Amazon, Uber, and Dropbox.

As the company sets its sights on significant international growth for its enterprise offering, ScreenCloud chose Auth0 as its primary identity management platform that offers the best combination of versatility, security, and ease of implementation. Auth0 will help support the diverse authentication and access management requirements of ScreenCloud’s enterprise customers, including SSO and Social Logins.

“Many of our customers store highly confidential data on our platform, so they demand secure authentication, and Auth0 makes it very easy for us to seamlessly tailor the authentication experience to suit each customers’ requirements,” said Brian Dewangga, Enterprise Product Manager at ScreenCloud, Thailand. “From a time-saving standpoint, it’s not just the big investment of time to build the solution, but also the long-term maintenance of the system. By using Auth0, we also save significant resources on maintaining and updating identity management, which provides enormous value for us.”

“Our growth in the region is marked by exciting fast-growth companies like ScreenCloud,” said Richard Marr, General Manager for Asia Pacific at Auth0. “Their pace of innovation and growing global demand required an identity solution that they could onboard and implement quickly to serve their customers better. We look forward to supporting their ongoing expansion.”

Auth0 is helping ScreenCloud quickly build resiliency and scale for expansion. With a growing user base around the world working remotely due to COVID-19, ScreenCloud is developing new features to support the remote workforce and anticipates a significant increase in logins.

“The world looks very different now to what it did a few months ago. We want to help remote workers interact with their company without needing to be in the physical presence of a company-owned screen,” said Dewangga. “It’s increasingly important for us to allow distributed teams to log on easily, without exposing sensitive company information. We feel we’re in good hands with Auth0.”

ScreenCloud believes using Auth0 will deliver a return on investment in the form of saved developer time and peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core product.

About Auth0

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