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RxJS Live

The World's First RxJS Conference Just Happened in Vegas

But it didn't stay in Vegas! Learn about the talks that took place and the RxJS ideas that we want to spread around the development world.

September 16, 2019

The first RxJS conference was held this year, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Speakers from all over the world joined together to deliver content on different RxJS concepts. The core RxJS team, including Ben Lesh and Tracy Lee, gave very informative talks. Ben gave us updates on RxJS 7's timeline and Tracy discussed real-world cases for some of the operators.

There were also a handful of talks given by Auth0 peeps: Kapehe Jorgenson, Kim Maida, and Sam Julien. Yes, that list includes me!

Keynote — Ben Lesh

The keynote talk was by Ben Lesh, RxJS core team member. He spoke on the future of RxJS; things we all get to look forward to. For example, RxJS 7's alpha stage will be released in the next couple of weeks!

RxJS is ten years old and a lot has happened for the reactive library in that time. The core team has done so much to get RxJS to where it is today and that also includes the contributions from the community. Ben encouraged that continuation of help from the community. From helping write lint transforms to updating the docs!

Auth0 Team Member Talks


The first Auth0 team member to hit the stage was me! My talk was titled, "The Battle of House Promises vs. House Observables" with a fun emphasis on the "Game of Thrones" show. There were four battles that Promises and Observables went through and, in the end, a winner was declared. I went over unicast/multicast, functionality, simplicity, and the ability to cancel its processing of data. Observables came out the winner in the end by beating out Promises in all categories except for simplicity.

Kim Maida

Kim gave two different talks:

  1. Subjecting State to Good Behavior — Using the excellent NASA API, Kim showed us how to manage state with RxJS. Her slides are unreal! She showed sample apps that update the store using RxJS and how robust it could scale up to be.
  2. RxWAT?!? — Joint talk with Sam Julien — This hilarious, meme filled talk gave a fun view on how RxJS can be complicated and challenging. They went over some unfortunately named operators and multiple marble diagrams!

Sam Julien

Sam gave two joint talks this conference:

  1. RxWAT?!? — Joint talk with Kim Maida — see above!
  2. What Groups By in Vegas Stays in Vegas — joint talk with Mike Ryan — This joint talk went over some cool features that come with the "groupBy" operator. They also created animations that really helped understand this advanced operator.

Two Days of RxJS Info

Attendees were able to gain a lot of information about RxJS in the two days.

The list of speakers include:

Day 1

  1. Ben Lesh — The Future of RxJS
  2. Tracy Lee — RxJS — Operator, What's Your Real World Use Case? Important Operators in RxJS Explained
  3. Michael Hladky — A Deep Dive into Subjects
  4. Nicholas Jamieson — Tools for an Awesome RxJS Developer Experience
  5. Kapehe — The Battle of House Promises vs. House Observables
  6. Sam Julien & Mike Ryan — What Groups By in Vegas Stay in Vegas
  7. Kim Maida — Subjecting State to Good Behavior
  8. Michael Madsen — Reactive Responsive Design
  9. Joe Eames — Understanding RxJS Error Handling

Day 2

  1. Matt Podwysocki — Advanced RxJS Wizardry
  2. Hannah Howard — Reactive Architecture with Signal Graphs
  3. Jay Phelps — Backpressure: Resistance is NOT Futile
  4. Dean Radcliffe — Making React Forms Reactive
  5. Kim Maida & Sam Julien — RxWAT?!?
  6. Michael Gerakis — Demystifying and Harnessing the Power of the Multicasted Observable
  7. Jan-Niklas Wortmann — Fixing Asynchrony with RxJS
  8. David Khourshid — The (Finite) State of Reactive Animations
  9. RxJS Core Team — Q&A

RxJS Core Team Q&A (RxJS Core Team and others at the Q&A Session)

RxJS with Auth0

What to know how to implement the RxJS library with Auth0? Here are some great examples of doing that!

  1. Build a React Application using RxJS
  2. Building an Audio Player app with Angular and RxJS
  3. RxJS Advanced Tutorial With Angular & Web Speech: Part 1
  4. RxJS Advanced Tutorial With Angular & Web Speech: Part 2

All the videos of the talks can be found on the YouTube channel for RxJS Live.

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