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Webinar: The Need for Universal Identity Management with 451 Research

Watch this recorded webinar with Garrett Bekker, principal analyst at 451 Research, where he discusses the current state of the IAM industry and the benefits of Universal Identity Management

June 11, 2018

Recently 451 Research’s Principal Analyst Garrett Bekker and Auth0 CMO Lewis Carpenter sat down to discuss solutions to the fragmented identity and access management marketplace. A variety of solutions aim at solving authentication and authorization, but each tends to focus squarely on a single audience, whether it’s consumers (B2C), business partners (B2B), employees (B2E), or IoT devices. This siloed approach makes the process both confusing and costly for those needing identity across the entire organization and beyond.

Fortunately, enterprises are realizing that a universal approach to identity is saving money, time, and most importantly, giving developers the freedom they need to focus on product innovation rather than security. Today’s marketplace demands a more adaptable solution that can handle the rigors of identity, and anticipate the needs of the future.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn Bekker’s take on the current state of the IAM industry and its evolution, where he believes it needs to go, as well as gain an overview of Auth0’s universal approach to identity.

About Auth0

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