Configure Email or SMS for Passwordless Authentication

Auth0 lets you configure Universal Login so users can authenticate with a magic link or one-time password (OTP) through email, or an OTP through SMS.

To enable Passwordless authentication with SMS or email, you need to define a Passwordless connection for your application.

Once you've created the connection, you need to configure Universal Login to use it. You have three options:

Universal Login

This method uses the Universal Login Experience, which natively supports Passwordless connections. To learn more, read Passwordless with Universal Login.

Universal Login + Lock (passwordless)

This method uses a custom login page with the Lock (passwordless) template, and authenticates user with the Lock for Web SDK:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Branding > Universal Login and click the Login tab.

  2. Enable the Custom Login Page toggle, and select the Lock (passwordless) template. The HTML template will update with code using the Lock widget with Passwordless customization options.

  3. Customize the template, and click Save Changes.

You can use HTML and CSS to customize the login form, and preview the changes within the Dashboard. To learn more about how to customize the Lock (passwordless) template, read the Passwordless section in Lock for Web SDK.

Universal Login + Custom UI + Auth0.js

This method uses a custom login page with the Custom Login Form template, and authenticates users with the Auth0.js SDK. To learn more, read Passwordless Authentication with Universal Login.

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