Classic Login Experience

Classic Login is an Auth0-hosted login experience that relies on JavaScript for customization. Implementing Classic Login is less complex than embedding the authentication process directly in your app, and it can help prevent the dangers of cross-origin authentication.

Classic Login is built on top of Auth0's JavaScript libraries (Lock.js, auth0.js, MFA Widget, and Password Reset). When customizing Classic Login pages in the Auth0 Dashboard, the default templates use the same JavaScript libraries to create a more natural transition between the default user interface and a custom one.

After choosing a default template for your Classic Login pages, you can modify it to meet your needs. You can also customize a variety of behavioral and appearance elements of the Lock widget. The Auth0.js templates offer additional flexibility as you can create a custom user interface and modify it to match your application's style.

Implement Classic Login

To learn how to set up your application to use Classic Login, read our Quickstarts. Choose the approach that best fits your technologies, and the Quickstarts walk you through the implementation.

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