Passwordless Connection Limitations

The type of authentication you want to use depends on which version of Universal Login you configured with your application. If you are using the Universal Login experience, you can set up passwordless authentication using WebAuthN with Device Biometrics or use passwordless connections as described below.

You can set up email or SMS passwordless authentication using the following methods:

  1. Universal Login + passwordless connection parameters

  2. Classic Login + Lock

  3. Classic Login + custom UI + Auth0.js

To learn more about these implementations, read Configure Email or SMS for Passwordless Authentication.


If you are using an embedded login, we recommend using custom domains. To learn more, read Custom Domains.


  • You cannot create passwordless users from the Auth0 Dashboard. Create them directly from the Management API.

  • Refresh tokens cannot be retrieved when using a passwordless magic link via email, only an OTP.

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