Templates for Actions

The Actions Template gallery offers a variety of starter templates for creating an Action. These templates provide sample code covering various triggers and use cases, such as Multi-factor Authentication, Access Control, and Profile Enrichment.

Screenshot for Actions Templates on dashboard

Templates provide starter code that you can modify and use as a building block as part of a trigger. Once you select a template for your specific use case, you can then customize the code to fit the individual needs of your application.

For a step-by-step guide on using Actions Templates, see Write Your First Action.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that the templates are custom for your specific environment. As the code is incomplete, you must personalize and complete the samples before importing them into a production environment.

  • Do not deploy a template without editing and completing it beforehand.

  • Actions Templates often contain tags in the comments, which should not be modified or deleted.

  • Always use the latest version of any npm package.

  • Actions Templates target the latest Node.js versions by default. After creating a template, you can modify it to support additional Node.js version(s) as necessary.

Also please review all Actions Coding Guidelines as they apply here as well.