Explore Flows and Triggers

The processes which can be extended with Actions are called Flows. Each Flow is made up of one or more Triggers and represents the logical pipeline through which information moves during a single point in the Auth0 journey. Multiple Actions can be added to a Trigger, with each Action executing in the order in which it was placed. Some Triggers are executed synchronously, blocking the flow in which they are involved, and some are executed asynchronously.

To explore reference objects and blueprints for specific Actions for a trigger, select the trigger below, noting Auth0's definition of a passwordless connection.

Flow Runs Trigger(s) Execution Example Uses
Login As a user logs in. post-login Synchronous
  • Modify access and ID tokens
  • Call APIs to enrich user profiles or send notifications
  • Create authorization rules and make access decisions based on custom logic
  • Conditionally enable MFA
  • Redirect users to an external site
Machine to Machine When an access token is issued via the Client Credentials Flow. credentials-exchange Synchronous
  • Prevent tokens from being issued
  • Add custom claims to the access token
Password Reset After the user completes the first challenge, but before the user enters a new password. post-challenge Synchronous
  • Challenge a user with an additional MFA factor before allowing them to set a new password
  • Redirect the user to a third-party website/service, such as a custom MFA provider, before allowing them to set a new password
Pre User Registration Before a user is added to a Database or Passwordless Connection. pre-user-registration Synchronous
  • Prevent creation of a user in Auth0
  • Add custom app_metadata or user_metadata to a newly created user
Post User Registration After a user is added to a Database or Passwordless Connection. post-user-registration Asynchronous
  • Send a new user notification
  • Create a record in a CRM system
Post Change Password After a password is changed for a Database Connection user. post-change-password Asynchronous
  • Send an email to a user to notify them that their password has been changed
  • Call an API to revoke a user’s sessions in other systems after their password has been change
Send Phone Message To send a Phone or SMS message as part of a Custom MFA Provider. send-phone-message Synchronous Use a custom provider for sending MFA Phone or SMS messages

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