Actions Triggers: send-phone-message - Event Object

The event object for the send-phone-message Actions trigger provides contextual information about the message to be sent and the user to be challenged or enrolled.

Property Description



Information about the Client with which this transaction was initiated.

Includes the following properties:

  • client_id String. The Client ID of the application the user is logging in to.
  • metadata Dictionary. An object for holding other application properties.
  • name String. The name of the application (as defined in the Dashboard).


Details about the message that is sent to the user.

Includes the following properties:

  • action String. The flow that triggered this action.

    Possible values include:

    • enrollment
    • second-factor-authentication
  • code String. One-time password that the user needs to use to enter in the form.
  • message_type String. How the message will be delivered.

    Possible values include:

    • sms
    • voice
  • recipient String. Phone number where the message will be sent.
  • text String. Content of the message to be sent.


Details about the request that initiated the transaction.

Includes the following properties:

  • geoip Object. Contains geographical information about the request.

    Includes the following properties:

    • cityName Optional string.
    • continentCode Optional string.
    • countryCode Optional string.
    • countryCode3 Optional string.
    • countryName Optional string.
    • latitude Optional number.
    • longitude Optional number.
    • subdivisionCode Optional string.
    • subdivisionName Optional string.
    • timeZone Optional string.
  • hostname Optional string. The hostname that is being used for the authentication flow.
  • ip String. The originating IP address of the request.
  • language Optional string. The language requested by the browser.
  • method String. The HTTP method used for the request
  • user_agent Optional string. The value of the User-Agent header received when initiating the transaction.


Details about the Tenant associated with the current transaction.

Includes the following properties:

  • id String. The name of the tenant.


An object describing the user on whose behalf the current transaction was initiated.

Includes the following properties:

  • app_metadata Dictionary. Custom fields that store info about a user that influences the user's access, such as support plan, security roles, or access control groups.
  • created_at String. Timestamp indicating when the user profile was first created.
  • email Optional string. (unique) User's email address.
  • email_verified Boolean. Indicates whether the user has verified their email address.
  • family_name Optional string. User's family name.
  • given_name Optional string. User's given name.
  • identities Optional array of objects.

    Contains info retrieved from the identity provider with which the user originally authenticates. Users may also link their profile to multiple identity providers; those identities will then also appear in this array. The contents of an individual identity provider object varies by provider.

    Elements include the following properties:

    • connection Optional string. Name of the Auth0 connection used to authenticate the user.
    • isSocial Optional boolean. Indicates whether the connection is a social one.
    • profileData Optional dictionary. User information associated with the connection. When profiles are linked, it is populated with the associated user info for secondary accounts.
    • provider Optional string. Name of the entity that is authenticating the user, such as Facebook, Google, SAML, or your own provider.
    • user_id Optional string. User's unique identifier for this connection/provider.
  • last_password_reset Optional string. Timestamp indicating the last time the user's password was reset/changed. At user creation, this field does not exist. This property is only available for Database connections.
  • name Optional string. User's full name.
  • nickname Optional string. User's nickname.
  • phone_number Optional string. User's phone number.
  • phone_verified Optional boolean. Indicates whether the user has verified their phone number.
  • picture Optional string. URL pointing to the user's profile picture.
  • updated_at String. Timestamp indicating when the user's profile was last updated/modified.
  • user_id String. (unique) User's unique identifier.
  • user_metadata Dictionary. Custom fields that store info about a user that does not impact what they can or cannot access, such as work address, home address, or user preferences.
  • username Optional string. (unique) User's username.