Export Logs to Logentries

Export Logs to Logentries

The Auth0 Logs to Logentries extension consists of a scheduled job that exports your Auth0 logs to Logentries log management and analytics service. This document will guide you through the process of setting up this integration.

To learn more, read Getting Started with Logentries in Logentries documentation.

Retrieve required information from Logentries

First, you must get your token from Logentries.

  1. Log in to your Logentries account.

  2. From the left menu, select Logs > Add New Log, then click Manual.

    Dashboard - Extensions - Logentries - Logentries Newlog Manual
  3. Enter a Log Name, and pick an existing set or create a new one.

    Dashboard - Extensions - Logentries - Logentries Newlog Info
  4. Click Create Log Token. Once clicked, the button will be replaced with a text box that contains the new token registered for this log. Copy this value; you will need it in the next section.

    Dashboard - Extensions - Logentries -  Logentries Newlog Token
  5. Click Finish & View Log.

Configure the extension

To install and configure this extension:

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Extensions, and select Auth0 Logs to Logentries. The Install Extension window opens.

    Dashboard - Extensions - Logentries - Install
  2. Set the following configuration parameters, and select Install:

  • Schedule: The frequency with which logs should be exported. The schedule can be customized even further after creation.

  • BATCH_SIZE: The number of logs to be sent per batch. Maximum is 100. Logs are batched before sending, and multiple batches are sent each time the extension runs.

  • LOGENTRIES_TOKEN: Your Logentries token. Enter the token value you retrieved in the previous section.

  • LOG_LEVEL: The minimal log level of events that you would like sent to Logentries.

  • LOG_TYPES: The events for which logs should be exported.

The integration between Auth0 and Logentries is now in place!

Batch size

When setting your BATCH_SIZE, please keep the following information in mind.

During each time frame/window (defined by your chosen Schedule), outstanding logs will be batched into groups and sent. The size of each group is determined by the BATCH_SIZE value.

In other words, during each window, NUM_BATCHES batches of logs will be sent based on the following logic:


In the ELSE case, the last batch will have < 100 logs.

View results

The integration you just set up created a scheduled job that is responsible for exporting the logs. To view this scheduled job:

  1. Navigate to Auth0 Dashboard > Extensions, and select Installed Extensions.

  2. Select Auth0 Logs to Logentries. The job you just created appears. You can modify its state by toggling the State switch, see when the next run is due, and see the result of the last execution.

    Dashboard - Extensions - Azure - View Cron Jobs

You can view more details by clicking on the job you created. On this page, you can view details for each execution, reschedule the job, access realtime logs, and more.

Dashboard - Extensions - Azure - View Cron Details

That's it; you are done! You can now navigate to Logentries and view your Auth0 Logs.

Dashboard - Extensions - Logentries - Logentries View Logs