Extensibility Points

Extensibility Points

Extensibility points are places in the Auth0 platform where Hooks can be executed. To learn more about Hooks, see Auth0 Hooks.

Whether Hooks can be used with connections varies according to extensibility point. Hooks that can be used with connections only work with database and passwordless connections. To learn more, read Database Connections and Passwordless Connections.

Extensibility points can also block processes from executing. Synchronous extensibility points are blocking, which means they execute the hook as part of the trigger's process and will prevent that process from executing until the Hook is complete. Asynchronous extensibility points do not wait for the Hook to finish its execution before proceeding.

The following extensibility points are available:

Extensibility Point Trigger ID Connection Type(s) Blocking? Description
Client Credentials Exchange credentials-exchange N/A Yes Extend machine-to-machine token exchanges. Prevent a token exchange or change the scopes and add custom claims to access tokens issued by the Auth0 API's POST /oauth/token endpoint.
Pre-User Registration pre-user-registration Database, Passwordless Yes Prevent user creation or registration, or add custom metadata to a newly-created user.
Post-User Registration post-user-registration Database, Passwordless No Implement custom actions from the Auth0 authentication process after a new user is created or registers and is added to the database.
Post-Change Password post-change-password Database No Implement custom actions to be executed after a successful user password change.
Send Phone Message send-phone-message N/A Yes Implement a custom SMS provider to deliver MFA one-time-use codes.

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