Configure Twilio as a Phone Messaging Provider


You must have a Twilio account with a valid SMS and/or phone delivery option.

Configure Twilio

  1. Log in to your Twilio account.

  2. Go to your Twilio Console. You will need your Twilio SID and Twilio Auth Token when configuring Twilio in your Auth0 Dashboard.  

  3. Go to Auth0 Dashboard > Branding > Phone Provider. Select Twilio as your Phone Provider.

  4. Select a Delivery Method. You can choose Text, Voice, or both as delivery methods for your customers.

  5. For the Twilio Provider Settings, select an SMS Source

    1. If you select Use From, enter a default phone number from which customers will receive phone messages.

    2. If you select Messaging Service, enter your Twilio Messaging Service SID. You can find this value in your Twilio Console.

    3. Enter your Twilio SID and Twilio Auth Token from the Twilio Console. Click Save.

Test phone

Click the Try button to send a test phone message. If you have successfully configured Twilio as an external phone provider, Auth0 will send a confirmation phone message using the selected delivery method. If you do not receive a phone message after a few minutes, check your Auth0 logs for failures.

The Twilio Messaging Activity page displays delivery insights for all SMS that have been sent to your users.