Auth0 Logs to Application Insights

The Auth0 Logs to Application Insights is a scheduled job takes all of your Auth0 logs and exports them to Application Insights.

Configure the Extension

To install and configure this extension, click on the Auth0 Logs to Application Insights box in the list of provided extensions on the Extensions page of the dashboard. The Install Extension window pops open.

Install Extension

At this point you should set the following configuration variables:

  • Schedule: The frequency with which logs should be exported.
  • Batch_Size: The amount of logs to be read on each execution. Maximun is 100.
  • AppInsights_Instrumentation_Key: The Application Insights instrumentation key.

Once you have provided the appropriate values for the above fields, click Install to proceed.

Retrieve the required information from Application Insights

Let's see how we can retrieve the AppInsights_Instrumentation_Key information.

  1. Login to your Azure Portal and add a new Application Insights instance in your subscription. To do so click New and search for Application Insights.

New Application Insights instance

  1. Click Create and fill in the required information, such as the name of your instance, the application type and the resource group. Click Create to trigger the provisioning process.

Configure Application Insights instance

  1. Once the provisioning is complete (after a few seconds usually) you can get the Instrumentation Key from the Properties page.

Application Insights Properties

  1. Copy this value and head back to your Auth0 dashboard. Set it at the AppInsights_Instrumentation_Key field. Save your changes.

Use Your Installed Extension

To view all scheduled jobs, navigate to the Extensions page of the dashboard, click on the Installed Extensions link, and select the Auth0 Logs to Application Insights line. There you can see the job you just created, modify its state by toggling the State switch, see when the next run is due and what was the result of the last execution.

View Cron Jobs

You can view more details by clicking on the job you created. In this page you can view details for each execution, reschedule, access realtime logs, and more.

View Cron Details

That's it, you are done! You can now navigate to your Azure Portal and view your Auth0 Logs.