How to Use Lock with Universal Login

Lock is a signup and authentication widget that provides quick and easy authentication for your application's users without requiring you to design the UI or interact manually with an Auth0 API.

Customize Lock in the Login Page

The default login page for your tenant is a template that will use Lock to provide your users with an attractive interface and smooth authentication process, as discussed above. You can look over that template and use it as a starting point if you choose to customize it in any way.

If you want to change any of Lock's configurable options, you can do so using the Hosted Pages editor interface. These options can alter the behavior of Lock itself, or the look and feel of the widget using the theming options. See the configuration documentation for details on how to customize Lock.

When you're done making changes to the code, click Save to persist the changes.

Login Page

Custom Domains and Universal Login

Before you can use custom domains with a universal login page that you have customized, you'll need to update the code to use your custom domain.

Next Steps