Using the Auth0 Dashboard, you can pull log data on:

  • Actions performed by administrators using the Dashboard;
  • Authentications made by your users.

How to View Log Data

The Logs page of the Auth0 Dashboard displays all events that occur, including user authentication and administrative actions such as adding/updating Clients, Connections, and Rules.

Please note that administrative actions will show up in the logs as API Operation events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is log file data available?

The length of time for which your data is stored varies depending on your plan.

You can see how long data is kept for your existing plan using the Learn More banner.

How do I view or export log file data?

If you would like to store log data longer than the time period offered by your subscription plan, we recommend you use the Management API feature that allows you to retrieve the relevant data. Once you've retrieved your data, you can:

Retrieving Logs from the Management API

You can use the Management API v2 retrieve your logs. There are the two available endpoints, each providing slightly different quantities of information:

  • /api/v2/logs: Retrieves log entries that match the provided search criteria. If you do not provide any search criteria, you will get a list of all available entries;
  • /api/v2/logs/{id}: Retrieves the single log entry associated with the provided ID.

Log Data Event Listing

The following table lists the codes associated with the appropriate log events.

Event CodeEvent
admin_update_launchAuth0 Update Launched
api_limitRate Limit On API
clsCode/Link Sent
coffConnector Offline
conConnector Online
csCode Sent
duDeleted User
fFailed Login
fapiFailed API Operation
fcFailed by Connector
fceFailed Change Email
fcoFailed by CORS
fcpFailed Change Password
fcpnFailed Change Phone Number
fcprFailed Change Password Request
fcproFailed Connector Provisioning
fcuFailed Change Username
fduFailed User Deletion
feacftFailed Exchange
fnFailed Sending Notification
fpFailed Login (Incorrect Password)
fsFailed Signup
fuFailed Login (Invalid Email/Username)
fvFailed Verification Email
fvrFailed Verification Email Request
limit_muBlocked IP Address
limit_uiToo Many Calls to /userinfo Endpoint
limit_wcBlocked Account
sSuccess Login
sapiSuccess API Operation
sceSuccess Change Email
scpSuccess Change Password
scpnSuccess Change Phone Number
scprSuccess Change Password Request
scuSuccess Change Username
sduSuccess User Deletion
seacftSuccess Exchange
ssSuccess Signup
svSuccess Verification Email
svrSuccess Verification Email Request
sys_os_update_endAuth0 OS Update Ended
sys_os_update_startAuth0 OS Update Started
sys_update_endAuth0 Update Ended
sys_update_startAuth0 Update Started
wWarnings During Login

Tools to Process Logs