Multi-Factor Authentication in Auth0

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a method to verify a user's identity by requiring them to provide more than one piece of identifying information. This ensures that only valid users can access their accounts even if they use a username and password that may have been compromised from a different application.

MFA supports different authentication factors, such as push notifications or SMS, which you can enable and configure by going to Dashboard > Security > Multi-factor Auth. To learn more, read Multi-Factor Authentication Factors.

Auth0 Dashboard Security Multi-Factor Auth

Next, perform any further setup required to configure that factor, then choose whether you wish to force MFA all the time, never, or if Auth0 determines that a login is high-risk. To learn more, read Adaptive MFA.

You can also customize your MFA flow with Auth0 Rules to allow MFA to only be required in specific circumstances or force a particular factor to be used. To learn more, read Auth0 Rules.

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