Check Auth0 Status

Auth0 makes every effort to minimize outages, but if there is any disruption to service, it will appear on the Auth0 Status page. To support requirements for root cause analysis documentation after a disruption, Auth0 conducts internal analysis and publishes the results of the disruption notice. If there's an outage listed on the status page, you do not need to file a ticket. Auth0 is already working on the issue.

Check status

Go to Auth0 Status to check the service availability of the cloud version of Auth0.

You can see the status of a region or expand a region and see the status of individual services supporting functionality such as the authentication API or execution of custom code (used within custom DB connections and rules).

Subscribe to status updates

  • On the Auth0 Status page, click Subscribe to Updates to get updates for specific regions and services to tailor the notices you receive.

  • Follow @auth0status on Twitter to get the latest status updates.

  • Subscribe to the Auth0 Atom feed to get status updates that affect your tenant.{YOUR-TENANT}

Historical uptime reports

Current and historical Auth0 uptime reports are available at Auth0 Uptime.

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