Google Authenticator for Administrators

Enabling Google Authenticator for MFA

To turn on Google Authenticator for two-step verification, first visit the Multi-factor Auth page from the dashboard. Then click on the link to use a different provider.

Then you can use the slider to turn on Google Authenticator.

If you enable Google Authenticator while using another provider for MFA, all other providers will be disabled. All customizations and enrolled users in other MFA will be lost. Be careful as this action cannot be reverted.

Google Authenticator Supported Devices

Your users must have a supported device to use the Google Authenticator app. If some of your users have an unsupported device type, they may be able to use Auth0's Guardian app instead of Google Authenticator. Click here for information on using Guardian.

OS Google Authenticator
iOS Requires iOS 5.0 or later
Android Requires Android version 2.1 or later
Windows Unsupported
Blackberry Requires OS 4.5-7.0
Other Unsupported

Customize Google Authenticator

Once you have turned on Google Authenticator, the portal displays a code editing textbox containing the following code snippet for you to use:

function (user, context, callback) {
  // Uncomment the following to skip MFA when impersonating a user
  // if (user.impersonated) { return callback(null, user, context); }

  // run only for the specified clients
  if (CLIENTS_WITH_MFA.indexOf(context.clientID) !== -1) {
    // uncomment the following if clause in case you want to request a second factor only from users that have app_metadata.use_mfa === true
    // if (user.app_metadata && user.app_metadata.use_mfa){
      context.multifactor = {
        provider: 'google-authenticator',
        // issuer: 'Label on Google Authenticator App', // optional

        // optional, defaults to true. Set to false to force Google Authenticator every time.
        // See for details
        allowRememberBrowser: false,
    // }

  callback(null, user, context);

When you have finished editing the code snippet based on the requirements of your app, click Save.

Screen customization

At this time Google Authenticator does not allow any customizations to the look and feel of the Google Authenticator screens. For other customization options see Auth0 Guardian.

Reset a MFA for a User

If a user has lost their mobile device, you as an administrator will need to reset their MFA.

To reset a user's MFA:

  1. Find and select the user in the Users section of the dashboard.
  2. Once you have selected the affected user click on the Actions button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Reset Multi Factor (Google) from the dropdown.
  4. There will be a pop up box to confirm your decision, click YES, RESET IT to reset the user's MFA.

The next time the user logs in they will need to resetup their MFA just like a new user.

Disabling Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator can be disabled from the Multi-factor Auth section of the dashboard then by clicking the link to use a different provider.

Toggle the slider button to disable Google Authenticator, then a confirmation popup will appear.

By disabling a type of MFA you will lose all customizations.