When integrating with a SAML provider, there are many ways to implement logout or user session termination.

Please see Logout for additional information.

Auth0 as SAML Identity Provider

If Auth0 acts as the identity provider, you'll need to specify a logout URL for your Auth0 Client's addon:

  1. Log into the Management Dashboard
  2. Navigate to your Client's Addons page.
  3. Click to open the SAML2 Web App addon.
  4. In the Settings editor, uncomment the logout portion and update it with your callback URL:
"logout": {
  "callback": "CALLBACK_URL"
  1. Click Save.

For SAML-complient endpoints, Auth0 uses this URL to send logout requests or logout responses (the exact choice dependson whether the service provider initiated the session or not). If you don't want to notify the service provider about a session termination, you can set the slo_enabled key inside logout to false:

"logout": {
  "callback": "CALLBACK_URL",
  "slo_enabled": "false"