Use the Management API in rules


You have limited access to the Management API inside Rules. In particular, the version of the Node.js client library available from rules only allow you to update the user's app_metadata and user_metadata as descibed in User Metadata in Rules.

Accessing a Newer Version of the Node.js Client Library

You can load a newer version of the Auth0 Node.js client library by requiring the specific version on the library. The sample code below loads version 2.6.0 of the library, then query the list of users and log the users to the console (to be inspected with the Real-time Webtask Logs Extension):

function (user, context, callback) {
  var ManagementClient = require('auth0@2.6.0').ManagementClient;
  var management = new ManagementClient({
    token: auth0.accessToken,
    domain: auth0.domain

  management.getUsers(function (err, users) {
    callback(null, user, context);

The Access Token for the Management API which is available through auth0.accessToken is limited to the read:users and update:users scopes. If you require a broader range of scopes you can request a token using Client Credentials Grant.